ProticaCares™ Sweet Treats Giveaway
Protica Research is a strong advocate for healthy eating. One of our missions is to promote healthy eating habits for children across the United States. With this in mind, we created ProticaCares Sweet Treats Giveaway -- a charitable program committed to increasing awareness of healthy eating habits for kids and young adults. And what better way to give kids a "sweet perspective" on healthy eating than to share the goodness of a Carvel® Ice Cream cake with a variety of tasty, healthy treats from Sunkist® and other manufacturers. A ProticaCares Sweet Treats Giveaway package allows kids to have their cake and good nutrition, too.

Thanks to products from Carvel®, Sunkist®, Dr. Sears and other manufacturers, Protica is able to deliver a wholesome care package to one classroom or one children's unit of a U.S. hospital every week for the next 75 years.

The program is intended to benefit children between the ages of 4 and 18. If you are a parent, teacher, healthcare professional, or a member of a young child's family, you may nominate a classroom or a children's hospital unit by clicking the red cart below.
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Details, Terms and Conditions

All expenses are paid by Protica Research.

You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a nomination. Kids, please have your parent or guardian submit a nomination.
If your child is not in school right now because he or she is in the hospital, we can ship the ProticaCares package directly to the children's unit of the hospital.

Each ProticaCares Sweet Treats care package includes:
- Carvel® Ice Cream cake (20 full servings; servings may be cut in half to serve 40)*
- Selection of Sunkist® Protein drinks**
- Dr. Sears Family Essentials® MultiVitamin Fruit Chews
- Selection of Pediagro® Quick-Drinks for kids
- Selection of Fruitasia® fruit and vegetable drinks
- Selection of Protein Twist® protein candies
- Selection of Protein Gem® protein gelatin snacks
- Originally autographed keepsake from Bill Kazmaier, "Kid's Health Advocate" and three-time World's Strongest Man
- Other goodies

* Carvel Cakes contain egg, wheat, soy, and milk products. Carvel Cakes do not contain nuts, but they are made in a facility that uses nuts.
**Protein-based products contain milk.

Sunkist is a registered trademark of Sunkist Growers.
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